Characteristics of Animation

Characteristics of American Animation:

  • Usually follows a “comic book style realism”
  • Usually develops their characters as “comically cartoonish” with “highly exaggerated features.”
  • Usually uses solid block colors rather than paying close attention to detailed shading, except when necessary.
  • Uses a lot of original animated motion which is often reused for different scenes.
  • Many cases where the there are long scenes that the mouth of the character is the only thing moving in the scene.
  • American animation tends to use more straight on camera shots and less concerned with using different camera angles to intensify a mood.

A Overall look at Family Guy

All things considered, “Let’s be honest: we have entered a period of media intermingling that makes the progression of substance over different media channels practically inescapable” and the examination objective is to check how well the substance stream is arranged in The Family Guy (Jenkins, 2003). On the off chance that we, at that point take a gander at the substance we ought to likewise survey its appropriate use on various stages and change of a few activities to the story world. Since there are numerous arrangement expansions just most important ones were chosen for this examination.

So as to check The Family Guy we will utilize scholarly sources offset with crowd and commentators feelings to have an unmistakable understanding of the venture. At first, The Family Guy will be checked by Jenkins’ 7 ideas of transmedia to have a general review on the off chance that we can really say about The Family Guy transmediation. Later on, we will have a more critical look on the items that construct The Family Guy world pursued by the evaluate of its frail sides and proposals of how to improve the idea.